Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Protect Your Castle, Get An Alarm System

by Linda Holmes

Back in the day, let's say five or six hundred years ago, the pinnacle of home security was the castle. If you were lucky enough to be living in one it meant that you had the latest and greatest in home security features, from a deep mote to a heavily fortified gate. Times have changed, and now most of the world is not so lucky as to have meter-thick stone walls protecting valuables. The best most people can do is some wood and sheet-rock.

The modern alarm system can keep out invaders and secure your home. Without one, your home is just as vulnerable to thieves as a castle with its draw-bridge lowered. You think your deadbolt and pooch are enough to deter criminals? Think again. Below are just a few tactics used by burglars when robbing your house, and a few ways that alarm systems will send them running.

  • Casing the joint- Oftentimes, burglars will observe a home long before they decide to break into one. They will look for indicators that the home is vulnerable and easy to break into. When an alarm system is installed, it is usually accompanied by a sign for you to put in the front yard. This feature alone is probably your single greatest defense against burglars, as they will most likely move on to the next house, looking for an easier target.  
  • Doors and windows- The best defense against a burglar is secured doors and windows. However, an average burglar will force their way in regardless of whether or not your doors and windows are locked. Small. unnoticeable sensors can be placed inside doors and next to windows that will be triggered once the door or window is opened.
  • 10 Minutes- The average burglar takes just ten minutes inside a house to retrieve the maximum amount of items from your home. Alarm systems come equipped with motion sensors that can be placed strategically throughout the home. Instead of ten minutes, it will only take ten seconds for a criminal to trigger the sensor and sound the alarm.
  • False sense of security- Many homeowners are wise enough to get an alarm system but foolish enough never use it. Aside from being a deterrent, your alarm system can't do anything for you if you don't set it. Be consistent and regularly set your alarm. Most alarm companies will provide a key fob that will let you arm your system as easy as your car alarm. Depending on your service, you may also be able to arm your system from a smart phone.

Installing even the most basic of alarm systems will considerably decrease your chance of being a victim of a home burglary. Be proactive about your home security, as you can count on burglars being equally proactive while attempting to rob you. Click here for more information on finding the right alarm system for your home.


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