Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Laptop Woes: When Your Computer Hinges On Its Power Source And You Need To Fix It

by Linda Holmes

Most newer laptops have their power source built into the hinges. As you open and close the laptop, you can see the area where the snap in, snap out power section sits. Although this is meant to make laptops less cumbersome by removing the battery from the base of the laptop and putting it in the hinged edge, it can mean more problems later on. If you find that your laptop is having issues with its power availability, you might want to check and repair this area first. Here is how to check and repair this type of problem.

Abbreviated Power Supply

No matter how long you leave your laptop plugged in to charge the battery, it still seems to lack enough power. Instead of the promised twelve hours of battery life in the owner's manual, your laptop cuts out after a few hours. The problem could either be the cord, or the battery pack in the hinge section of your laptop.

The first thing you want to do is buy a new charging cord and test this first, as a new battery pack will cost a lot more to replace. (If your laptop is still under warranty, it will not cost you anything.) If a full charge from the new power cord lasts longer or eliminates this problem, you need not worry about the battery pack.

On the other hand, if the new cord still does not seem to help your laptop, you will have to get a replacement for the battery pack. Because it is part of the hinge body on your laptop and completes either the base part of the hinge or the screen part of the hinge, it is an expensive component. The price varies wildly depending on the make, model and current year of laptop.

Broken Hinge/Battery Pack

This is the worst of the worst scenarios. The hinge is busted, bent or has wires hanging out. If the battery component of the hinge section is damaged, then you can replace this and it should work. However, if the ends of the hinge section are damaged, only a professional computer repair technician can fix this for you.

It may require taking the laptop apart and using spare parts to replace the hinges. The connecting wires and internal components may need to be replaced as well, so be sure to back up your computer once a month in case something this serious happens to you.

Asking for an Estimate

PC and laptop repair shops often have certifications from specific companies to repair these companies' machines. It means you will get quality parts and service on whatever make and model of machine you bring into the shop. It also means that your bill might be a little pricier in order to get a quality repair and brand-name parts. If you are concerned about the price, ask for a quote in advance. Contact a company like Smart Choice Computer Solutions for more information.


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