Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

5 Household Rules To Help Your Family Avoid Spyware

by Linda Holmes

Are you tired of your children or even your spouse constantly installing spyware on your computer? Don't blame them—it's very easy to accidentally install spyware, even if you're very computer savvy. But spyware removal can be an arduous task, even with the best software solutions. Here are a few rules you can put into place to try to avoid the problem entirely.

1. Never Log In As The Administrator

Create separate user accounts for each of your family members and make sure that it is separate from the administrator account. Many people prefer to use an administrator account because it doesn't ask them for permission when installing programs or making changes to the computer's settings. But this also means that they may not realize when software is being installed or when settings are being changed.

2. Never Turn Off Ad Blocking Or System Scanning

There are some software programs that specifically ask you to turn off your ad blocking program or your system scanning solution to install them. While there are legitimate programs that require this, it's never a good idea to do it unless you absolutely know what you're doing. In this situation, children should always come get a parent for help.

3. Avoid Downloading "Free" Programs

While there are many wonderful open source programs, many programs that bill themselves as 'free" actually install spyware or adware when they are installed. This is especially true for free games, screen savers and tool bars. Caution should always be exercised when installing these programs. Show your children how to look for reviews and how to decide whether a software solution seems legitimate.

4. Don't Change Your Search Engine or Home Page

One of the first things many spyware programs ask you to do is change your search engine or home page. Then, when you load this page later, the program finishes installing harmful spyware or malware on your computer. Often, it can be difficult to defeat because every time you open your browser, the home page will install the program again. In general, there should never be a reason to change your search engine or home page—these two options should be set to a trusted provider, such as your ISP.

5. Never Go Into Internet "Bad Neighborhoods"

Bad neighborhoods are bad in and of themselves, but they can also install spyware and malware. A bad neighborhood is any site that may contain less than legal content, such as sites that allow you to stream video that is not legally available online, or to download games for free. These sites are almost always dangerous in addition to not being entirely legal.

If you do end up with spyware on your computer, don't panic. A professional data recovery company like Geek City can usually get your important data off your computer quickly. If you aren't certain how to remove spyware, it's often best to power down the computer and take it in to a professional as soon as possible.


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