Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Managed IT Services For Servers Over Personal Equipment

by Linda Holmes

Many people thrive on the idea of self-sustaining, do-it-yourself lifestyles. Why pay someone else to manage a server when you could do it yourself? There are quite a few reasons, ranging from time-consuming chores to sheer technical skill that could push you in either direction. Before running out to buy a long list of equipment, consider a few benefits and drawbacks of managed Information Technology (IT) services versus maintaining your own systems.

Maintaining Your Own IT Infrastructure

Many people assume that all computer systems are the same. Unfortunately, that's an assumption that could cost thousands if you move too quickly into purchasing equipment.

Servers are complex systems that must not only receive information from multiple destinations, but process those requests, make decisions inside the system and send information to multiple destinations. It's not like pointing and clicking to open a program.

The server is constantly calculating the actions of those who use it. Instead of just having to deal with a single user clicking on a file and opening it, a server may deal with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of clicks. Escalate those clicks to running entire programs on a single system and you have a lot of power being demanded.

Systems with such power can become very expensive, even after acquiring all of the necessary parts. You'll still need to provide cooling to keep the often hot systems in good, working order. A server can raise temperatures by several degrees, reaching from that standard 70-76 degrees Fahrenheit to around 95 degrees. A system that can route such temperatures requires fresh air pipes, while chilled systems need expensive coolers. Both options are a sizable investment.

Servers also require more power than desktop computers, which has an impact on your power bill. Add the power consumption of support systems like air blowers, chillers, backup batteries and other devices and you may have an expensive server system on your hands.

If the investment is within your budget, you have the benefit of accessing your information and changing the hardware directly inside your property as long as you or your employees have the expertise.

Managed IT Services From Afar

A managed IT service provider already has equipment on hand that can handle your data. If not, you can send the equipment to be installed in an environment already prepared for their arrival.

The systems are installed in racks designed to maximize airflow and accessibility, making it easier for trained server professionals to work on the systems as needed. Although the power requirements are still present, the cost is taken by the IT services provider and represented by their cost to you--if you can handle their fee, that's the only cost you need to worry about with the server.

The major downside is that you may not have immediate access to the hardware. You'll need to either travel to the site for physical inspection or trust IT professionals to manage your system as needed. Contact a managed IT services professional to discuss your options and to find a service level that fits your needs.


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