Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

IT For Independent Workers: Four Tips To Breathe More Life Into Your Work PC

by Linda Holmes

There are many advantages to using a desktop PC for your work needs, such as the possibility to upgrade your system with new technology. You may want to add performance to your PC when there is a demand. This can be things like adding memory, a graphics card and other additional hardware. These improvements can make it easier for you to get work done. Here are some things that can be done to breathe new life into your old desktop PC:

1. Adding A Graphics Card For Improved Performance

If you bought a desktop computer on a budget, it is likely that it has integrated graphics. This means that the graphics processing is integrated into the processor and motherboard. To improve the performance of your computer, you can install a new graphics card. The independent graphics card will handle all the graphics processing and free-up resources for your computer to do other tasks.

2. Using A Dual Display To Improve Work Productivity

While you are adding a new graphics card, you may also want to consider using a dual display set-up. Two monitors can help improve productivity and allow you to multi-task. You can get graphics cards with multiple display connections, which will allow you to connect the monitors you need.

3. Adding Newer RAM Memory To Keep Up With Modern Software

Older computers often have outdated RAM memory. This is the memory that is used by applications when you open them. If you want your computer to be faster, adding memory can be a big help. When replacing RAM, you will want to use the same types of memory sticks that have the same amount of memory. For example, if you are replacing two 2GB sticks, you can replace them with two 4 or 8 GB sticks.

4. Adding A Better Power Supply To Support New Hardware And More Energy Needs

The hardware that you add to your computer can also use more power. This is why it may be a good idea to replace the power supply for a higher rated power supply. This may be required for some hardware like a high-quality graphics card. If you install other USB hubs, adding a more powerful power supply can prevent problems when you add hardware.

These are some things that you can do to give your PC better performance. If you need help with repairs and upgrades to your old desktop, contact a computer repair service company like Nation's First Office Repair. They can also help you with things like upgrading the processor or power supply.


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