Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Tools Every Business Needs To Manage Their Social Media

by Linda Holmes

Managing your social media presence as a company is easier said than done. You have to keep content interesting and consistent, respond to customers, and make sure that you are working in a streamlined environment. Here are some tools that you are going to need to get the job done.  

1. Use a Queue System

With so many social media sites, it can be very easy for you to accidentally forget to post a blog post or some other content to one and miss out on the exposure. One way to avoid this unfortunate problem is to use software or some other online tool that allows you to upload the content that you want into its queue and then specify which social media outlets you want the content to be posted to, what day and time you want the content to be posted, and if you want any comments or any other text included with the content. This allows you to create content that is going to be relevant in a month and be able to set it and forget it until it's ready to be posted. Doing this will allow you to avoid accidentally forgetting about content or posting content too early.

2. Use Tools That Allow You to Manage Who You Are Following

It's very common for people to start following your company on a social media platform in order to learn more about you, win a prize, or some other temporary reason. Your company might have a policy where they follow everyone back. After awhile, these temporary followers will eventually unfollow you. This can lead to your dashboards, feeds, and other monitoring information being clogged with people who don't care about your product and aren't even following you. There are tools that will alert you whenever you are following someone that is not following you and give you the option to automatically unfollow that person. It will also give you the option to detect people who have not posted content in a long time, meaning that they are inactive and of no use to you. You can even delete more than a few hundred people at once. This will help you get organized.

3. Use a Dashboard System to Keep Track of Conversations

People really like it when companies respond to their complaints or concerns and want to engage with you on a more personal level, which could result in extended conversations. If you forget to reply, then that person can become offended. To avoid this, install a dashboard system that will allow you to keep track of any conversations you are having with any people over a variety of social media platforms. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in social media management.


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