Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Residential Monitoring Via Your Cell Phone: How This Residential Security Feature Works

by Linda Holmes

With all of the advances in home and residential security, you may find that monitoring your home via your cell phone is probably one of the best features. (Be sure to request this feature from your security company when they install your security system, or it will not be added to your system's features and services.) Here is how this kind of technology makes it even easier to keep watch over your home and property while you are away.

Security Cameras and the App

One part of this unique security feature is the surveillance cameras that directly stream images of your home to an app on your phone. You will have to download the app if you want to monitor your house this way, otherwise you will need to use your smartphone's internet browser and the website address that your security company gives you. Once your security system is installed and online (usually via Wifi, so you will need an internet connection in your home too), your technician will walk you through the setup process to connect to your security cameras and upload the images the cameras capture. 

Tapping into the System via the Control Box/Phone

If you also request and install audio monitoring, you can connect to the alarm system's control box and listen to everything that is going on in the house. This is an especially nice feature if you have an elderly parent living with you or teens who get into mischief a lot. To connect to the system's control box and audio monitoring feature, you will have to do one of two things:

  1. Call the phone number that is connected to the alarm system, if you have a combination alarm control box/emergency telephone relay system.
  2. Set up a connection via Wifi between the control box and your phone if you do not have the type of system mentioned in #1 above.

If you have #1 as your alarm system situation, then the phone will ask you for a passcode. Once you have entered the correct passcode, an intercom will open up and allow you to listen to everything within range of the control box and phone. If you have #2 as your alarm system situation, you can usually login to the alarm box via an internet connection and your smartphone's internet browser. Additionally, you may be able to patch into the surveillance cameras so that you have both audio and visual on the areas within several feet of each of your cameras. Click here for info on security systems.   


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