Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

4 Excellent Benefits of Dedicated IP Addresses

by Linda Holmes

When you need to be sure that you are doing all that you can to secure your website and make sure that it thrives, one of the best things you can do is invest in a dedicated IP address. Many websites share an IP address, so with a dedicated IP address, yours will be the only site on the entire web attached to your address. To learn why a dedicated IP address can be useful to you, read on so you can enjoy these benefits. 

Benefit #1: You Will Be Able to Access Your Site When You Need to 

Any time that you are doing some rerouting for your website, you will need to take a glimpse at a preview version of it. When you have a dedicated IP address, you can do this prior to having to point your DNS settings to the domain name. This is very advantageous because you won't have to worry about going live before you are ready. Instead, your dedicated IP address will allow you to access any version of your site remotely.

Benefit #2: You Will Have Quality Security for Your Site

 Any time you subscribe to a dedicated IP address, you are instantly improving the security of your website. This IP address allows you to utilize SSL certificates to protect your site. You will also have secure access to your FTP server thanks to dedicated IP addresses.

Benefit #3: You Will Be Able to Protect Your Reputation

The biggest problem with sharing IP addresses with another website is that you will get dragged through the mud with them if they participate in unethical practices. For instance, if they get blocked for spamming people, you too will get blocked due to their spam. When you have your own dedicated IP address, you have greater control over your reputation, which will make it easier to brand yourself and conduct business on your own terms.

Benefit #4: You Will Experience Far Less Downtime 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a dedicated IP address is that you will not have to experience nearly the amount of downtime that you otherwise would. One of the most common forms of Internet downtime happens when your IP address refreshes. Since dedicated IP addresses are static, this is far less of an issue to contend with.

When you factor in these four benefits, it is clear that a dedicated IP address can be a worthwhile investment. Touch base with an IP broker such as IPTrading.com that can help you out.


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