Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Keeping Employees And Customers Safe Around Generator Equipment

by Linda Holmes

If you have a generator system on the premises of your business, and you have employees or customers who utilize the area near the main component, there will be a need for safety procedures to keep them safe while nearby. A generator system will provide the backup power needed when the electricity goes down within your building. Since batteries or gas will be converted to electricity, there is the risk of shock should someone come into contact with the unit directly. Here are some steps you can use within your company to keep those who visit and work for you safe while in the area of the generator system.

Set Up Temporary Fencing Around The Unit To Keep Employees Out

It is important to place signs and fencing around the unit so those in the area do not mistakenly touch it as they walk on past. Placing a sign that indicates the piece of machinery is a generator will also help keep any customers from being tempted to get nearby to see what the equipment does. Consider purchasing temporary fencing pieces to contain the unit at times visitors will be on the premises. These can be easily moved if someone needs to service the machine.

Make Sure Lock Out Tags Are In Place To Minimize Setting Changes

If you do not wish for your generator system's settings to be altered, it will be necessary to placing lockout mechanisms over important switches and buttons. Purchase transparent safety covers as these allow those looking at the unit to see what settings are off-limits. Labels can be placed on the buttons and switches under the covers so if the power does go off, those authorized to service the generator system will be able to monitor any light indicators or gauges underneath the covers if necessary.

Place Rubber Flooring Around The Unit To Reduce Shock Risk

Since electricity is generated through the system at times it goes out in the building, there is the risk of shock to those who are too close to the unit when it turns on. For this reason, it is imperative that you place rubber flooring directly next to the unit to reduce this scenario from occurring. It is a good idea to require those walking in the room where the unit is located to wear rubber-soled shoes as well. Cushioned mats can be rolled out around the perimeter of the unit for those to walk upon if they need to access areas near its positioning.

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