Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Steps to Take When a Prank Caller Is Harassing You

by Linda Holmes

When you're home alone, a prank call is probably the last thing you want to experience. While there's a chance that the call is just the shenanigans of some bored teenagers, you might also be concerned about some stalking you or possibly contemplating a home invasion. It's a good idea to report any repeated prank calls to the police, but you should also take some immediate steps to improve your feeling of security. If you have a home security system, make sure to lock your doors and windows and turn the system on. This will provide you with an alert in the event of someone trying to break in. Here are some other steps that you can take.

Check the Security Camera Feed

If your home security system has external cameras, you can improve your peace of mind by accessing the camera feed from inside your home. When you receive repeated prank calls, you might be concerned that someone is outside your home, watching your moves through the windows and then calling on a cellphone. You can use the cameras to confirm whether anyone is indeed on your property, and you can continue to watch the feed to keep an eye on your surroundings.

Close Your Drapes

Closing the drapes throughout your home can make you feel more secure when you're being harassed by telephone. Some threatening callers might even refer to you being alone — possibly just a guess to make you feel upset — even if this isn't true. By moving around your home and closing the drapes, you'll instantly feel more secure in the knowledge that no one is able to see inside. Depending on the transparency of your drapes, you might also wish to move to an area in the center of your home where you won't get the feeling that someone can see you through a window.

Turn on Your Exterior Lights

Flipping on your exterior lights can also make you feel more secure when someone is harassing you with prank calls. If you're suspicious that someone might be lurking in your yard, the lights can make him or her flee the scene or become clearly visible to passing pedestrians or motorists who might then call the authorities. Plan to turn on each of your exterior lights, including those at your front door and around your garage, those in your backyard and any other lights that surround your home.

For more ways to increase your home security, check out the site and talk to a security systems specialist in your area.


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