Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Three Ways To Make Money On A Charging Station At Event

by Linda Holmes

When it comes to fairs, parties, and trade shows, there are a lot of available booths. Customers spend a lot of time walking around and visiting the different available stations throughout the day, so it can be hard to stand out. It can especially be hard to stand out if you are not a specialty booth. If you are running a phone charging station at an event, there are many ways to make money. Here are some of the ways that you can make money as a charging station at an event.

Charge to go along with other booths

If you solely run a phone charging station, you can offer to be the adjacent booth to another company. Charging booths will be one of the most popular booths at an event, especially in the middle or end of the day. Since most people are attached to their phones, they will head to your charging station to get more juice for their phone. This is a perfect way to attract more customers for businesses who are right next to you. 

Charge for employees of other stores to enter your booth

As a charging station, you can remain largely hands-off during events. Instead, you can charge other companies to offer goods and services at your tent.You can advertise for and allow multiple businesses the chance to have employees speak with customers at your booth. If you wish, you can set up advertisements exclusively for one business. Depending on the needs of those at the trade show, you may wish to create clear sections inside of your charging booth so that every business who works with you gets the same amount of space. 

Offer to advertise for the event itself

If you have the equipment to offer a large charging station, you can actually link up with the people who are hosting the event themselves. Your charging booth can have advertisements for the event throwing company, brochures that show the location of all of the booths and tents, plus entry information. Offering to be a booth for the event overall can net you a good payout and allow you to easily work on one contract at a time. If you plan to offer your services to the company throwing the main event, be prepared to offer large phone charging stations and have your workers dress and behave in the way indicated by the event planners to properly blend.

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