Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Learn to Vanquish Viruses

Three Reasons To Install Video Surveillance In Your Home

by Linda Holmes

While video cameras as part of a home surveillance system are not necessarily a new item on the market, there are some trends in video surveillance that homeowners should be aware of. Advances in technology mean that you can install cameras in places that were not possible before, and you can access the footage from your cameras from more places than were possible before. 

Doorknob Cameras

Home invasions are definitely a concern in some areas, and sometimes simply opening your door might be one step too far. A doorknob camera allows you to see who is at your door before you ever open it, and unlike a peep hole, you do not have to be right at your door to look through. If you get a wifi-enabled doorknob camera, you can get an alert on your phone whenever someone comes to the door. You can then see who is there and decide what you want to do. Some locks will allow you to electronically unlock the door from your phone, or you could call the cops depending on the situation. 

Wifi-Enabled Cameras

Many home invasions happen when no one is at home because most thieves are not looking for a confrontation. Thus, the most important time to be able to view what is happening at home is when you are away. If you buy wifi-enabled video recorders, you can check in on your home whenever you need to. You can open the door for neighbors who are watering your house plants, or receive an alert when an unwanted visitor triggers a motion sensor on your cameras. If you buy wifi-enabled cameras, you can look after your home almost as if you were there. 

Parental Control

Using cameras to check in on your children is not necessarily a new trend in technology, but if you have children, it is a trend worth looking into. For example, if you were not at home when your children got home from school, you can review the footage from when your children got home to make sure that they got home on time, did their chores, did their homework, etc. 

Whether you live in a crime-prone area or not, video surveillance can be a good idea for your home. Whether you have children that you want to check in on or intruders that you want to keep out, installing at least one camera in your home is a good idea. 


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